Product Sheet

Learn how Varis' consumer-like procurement technology can save you time and money

Consumer-like procurement technology with a marketplace of trusted suppliers drives hard cost-savings and employee productivity


You don’t have to be a huge organization to get enterprise-level volume pricing. And it doesn’t have to take forever for your internal buyers to figure out where to buy, what to buy, and whether it complies with policy.

Varis creates your organization’s marketplace of trusted suppliers with pre-negotiated agreements. The consumer-like user experience drives adoption. Digitizing and automation let you see your entire spend – across departments and locations, regardless of purchase size – with the touch of a button.

With proven technology and led by experienced B2B sourcing thought leaders, Varis is transforming procurement by simplifying how you connect, contract, and transact with suppliers.


  • Generate hard dollar savings by directing more spend to pre-negotiated contracts with trusted, enterprise-class suppliers.
  • Save employees’ time by giving them an engaging, all-in-one shopping experience that you control, significantly increasing the percentage of purchases made with contracted discounts.
  • Realize a quick return on investment by easily implementing highly affordable, intuitive procurement technology in a matter of weeks with limited IT involvement.
  • Improve visibility and control by digitizing and automating manual paper-based processes, increasing procurement and finance efficiency.

Varis marketplace process for private buyers