Simplify procurement

Why spend more and wait longer for a solution that isn’t user friendly? Get an intuitive experience buyers love at a highly affordable price in a matter of weeks. And get on with what’s important.

A streamlined approach

Varis is eliminating the disruption caused by prolonged (and expensive) procurement rollouts. You’ll be up and running quickly, and you won’t have to break the bank or interrupt operations to do it.

Transform your procurement process rapidly

Varis can be implemented in a matter of weeks, so you can start realizing the benefits fast. Without making enemies in finance or IT.

Limited IT involvement

Minimal disruption

Highly affordable

Streamlined implementation process

Experienced implementation team

Quick time-to-value

Get started with minimal training

Varis is built from the ground up with the user in mind, so it’s simple and intuitive to use while still delivering enterprise-class capabilities.

Virtually no buyer training

Customer-driven product focus

Readily adopted

Consumer-like interface

Minimal change management

Readily accessible support

Lower your total cost of ownership

Varis isn’t just affordable to implement. It requires minimal effort to maintain on an ongoing basis, so the ROI to your organization will only increase over time.

Lightweight system administration

Detailed customer communication

High-quality documentation

Committed Customer Success team

Automated software updates

Ongoing customer support

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