Varis for suppliers

Providing transformative value for suppliers

Varis is an online marketplace that delivers value to suppliers and their customers, fueling lasting relationships. Our partnerships are strategic and diverse, focusing on quality over quantity. Because shared value is about a lot more than just price.

Our innovations

Expand your SMB market share with Varis' unique cost-effective online marketplace that delivers value to suppliers and their customers.

Technology that opens doors

Varis delivers not just more, but more of the right kind of buyers for sustained, meaningful relationships. We prioritize clarity and transparency and shared value, so everyone wins.

Build market share

Varis is only partnering with strategic and diverse suppliers, so you won’t be competing solely on price in a saturated marketplace. And because you will own the customer relationship, pricing, and data, you’ll have ample opportunity to increase retention.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Based on our revenue sharing model, we offer a one-time, no-cost implementation that can be created and used for all your buyers. And you’ll have continuous market coverage with no sales and marketing costs, no channel implementation fees, and no acquisition fees.

Preserve margins and cash flow

Varis partnership means being part of an unsaturated marketplace with a focus on high-frequency, high-spend categories. With buyer analytics and a dedicated category manager, you can feel confident you’re making the right decisions on customer and marketplace offerings.

Join Varis as a trusted supplier

Our evaluation process was built to foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between buyers and sellers. To be chosen, suppliers must:

Provide a product or service that fills a gap in our current offerings

Support EDI

Demonstrate a commitment to working with small, medium, and large US customers in both public and private sectors.

Meet criteria for product availability, nationwide delivery, returns and other areas to exceed customer expectations.

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