Savings you can count on

Indirect spending can account for 30% of revenue.¹ Put those dollars to better use by delighting your customers or constituents. With Varis, you can save money on high-quality products from nationally credentialed suppliers by taking the guesswork out of purchasing for your users.

Save like a Fortune 500 company

Varis’ pre-negotiated contracts are like having a team of category managers working to find you discounted pricing. Along with world-class customer service, you’ll feel like a big organization—even if you aren’t.

Realize hard-dollar savings

We’ve shown organizations with millions in annual spending how they can save up to 10% with our pre-negotiated contracts and spend less time chasing discounts on their own.

Trusted suppliers

Preferred pricing

One-stop marketplace

No contract negotiation

Compare prices

Shareable public sector contracts

Simplify strategic sourcing

Our high-quality, vetted suppliers give you great deals without the concern that you’re sacrificing quality and service for price, so you can shop with confidence.

Defined SLAs

Product availability

Diverse suppliers

World-class service

Broad category coverage

Nationally credentialed

Increase on-contract spending

With a buying experience this easy, your users won’t want to go anywhere else. And you can increase on-contract spend up to 90% of total indirect spending.

Consumer-like experience

Eliminate confusion

Manage approvals

Increase compliance

Maximize discounts

Share public sector contracts

¹ Based on Accenture study, “You’re Missing the Point %” Assumes $25M annual revenue company

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