Savings you can count on

Indirect spending can account for 30% of revenue.¹ Put those dollars to better use by delighting your customers or constituents. With Varis, you can save money on high-quality products from nationally credentialed suppliers by taking the guesswork out of purchasing for your users.

Portrait of warehouse male worker using digital ipad to make purchases for procurement.
Portrait of warehouse male worker using digital ipad to make purchases for procurement.

Save like a Fortune 500 company

Varis’ pre-negotiated contracts are like having a team of category managers working to find you discounted pricing. Along with world-class customer service, you’ll feel like a big organization—even if you aren’t.

Realize hard-dollar savings

We’ve shown organizations with millions in annual spending how they can save up to 10% with our pre-negotiated contracts and spend less time chasing discounts on their own.

Trusted suppliers

Preferred pricing

One-stop marketplace

No contract negotiation

Compare prices

Shareable public sector contracts

Simplify strategic sourcing

Our high-quality, vetted suppliers give you great deals without the concern that you’re sacrificing quality and service for price, so you can shop with confidence.

Defined SLAs

Product availability

Diverse suppliers

World-class service

Broad category coverage

Nationally credentialed

Increase on-contract spending

With a buying experience this easy, your users won’t want to go anywhere else. And you can increase on-contract spend up to 90% of total indirect spending.

Consumer-like experience

Eliminate confusion

Manage approvals

Increase compliance

Maximize discounts

Share public sector contracts

¹ Based on Accenture study, “You’re Missing the Point %” Assumes $25M annual revenue company

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