Product Sheet

Suppliers build SMB long-term relationships through the Varis marketplace

Cost-effectively expand your SMB market share with the unique Varis™ online marketplace that delivers value to suppliers and their customers.


If you’ve tried to capture the volume of sales opportunities “further down the pyramid,” you know a single SMB deal can often be as time consuming and costly as pursuing a much larger contract. Even though they need your products, SMBs can be difficult to market to, have immature procurement processes, and require additional support before and after a contract is signed. This has discouraged suppliers from pursuing SMB partnerships, and buyers have found it difficult, time consuming, and expensive to purchase essential supplies.

Varis is an online marketplace that will cost-effectively expand your SMB market share by eliminating the barriers to direct SMB sales and marketing success.

Our consumer-like procurement technology connects SMB buyers to trusted suppliers with pre-negotiated contracts, but our goal is to go beyond the transactional to the transformational by building lasting relationships.

When you work with Varis, you’ll have access to a vast network of buyers across segments and industries. Some of them will have purchased a Varis private marketplace subscription for their own organizations, and others will be part of a larger managed marketplace. For instance, Varis is a member of Microsoft Dynamics’ Business Central AppSource, which serves 165,000 customers.


Build market share

We’re not signing up every supplier. Prioritizing quality over quantity, Varis is partnering with strategic and diverse suppliers to give joint customers the selection they need. You won’t be competing solely on price in a marketplace saturated with vendors offering the same products. Varis’ consumer-like procurement experience is easier than buying somewhere else, so buyers will keep coming back to buy your products.

Because you own the customer relationship and pricing, you’ll have ample opportunity to increase retention, loyalty, and share of wallet.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Varis has eliminated the costs that make it difficult to justify SMB expansion. You can negotiate a single contract with us and make it available to all of our marketplace customers instead of spending time and effort on numerous small contracts. And the no-cost, one-time implementation can be leveraged by all marketplace buyers.

Get continuous market coverage with no sales and marketing costs, channel implementation fees, or acquisition fees. Your assigned category manager will work with you directly so you and your customers have the best experience possible.

Preserve margins and cash flow

Varis Partnership is based on long-term value to customers and suppliers–not commoditization. You’ll be part of an unsaturated marketplace with a focus on high-frequency, high-spend categories buyers can access through a single shopping experience, not running a race to the bottom with dubious Internet sellers.

Consolidated invoicing and automation are included with no hidden payment processing fees. Buyer analytics and insights (along with personalized consultation from your dedicated category manager) support decision-making related to your customers and marketplace offerings.

Value drives ongoing customer acquisition

The Varis team is aggressively pursuing customer growth through direct sales and partnerships, and you can grow with us. Our clear and simple value proposition resonates with SMB customers who want to do the following:

Cost savings

Realize hard dollar savings through pre-negotiated contracts that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to secure themselves and that buyers actually use because the experience is so simple.

Time savings

Save time by going to a single site with one shopping cart for all of their purchases instead of searching multiple sites, browsing catalogs, and commuting to stores.

Real time insights

Get quick time to value with a cost-effective software that is implemented efficiently with limited IT involvement and low ongoing administration.

Increase efficiency

Digitize and automate manual, paper-based processes to increase procurement and finance efficiency

Working Together to Maintain High Standards

Because we’re focused on building long-term relationships between suppliers and customers, not everyone will be the right fit. And we won’t be the right fit for everyone. We have a straightforward evaluation process to provide buyers with the products and services they need at the level of quality and customer service they expect.

To qualify as a Varis supplier, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a product or service that fills a gap in our current offerings.
  • Support EDI.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to working with US customers in the segments and verticals we support.
  • Meet criteria for product availability, delivery, returns, and customer expectations.

Who is Varis?

Behind the Varis procurement technology is a team of innovators led by industry veterans who have built some of the world’s most successful B2B procurement solutions. Leveraging proven technology recognized by industry analysts and customers, we’re poised to revolutionize B2B procurement with easy-to-use solutions that transform the way buyers and sellers connect, transact, and contract.