Product Sheet

Varis for Business Central

Add consumer-like procurement technology with a marketplace of trusted suppliers to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution to save time and drive hard cost savings.


You don’t need to be a huge organization to secure enterprise-level volume pricing. And it doesn’t have to take forever to figure out where to buy, what to buy, and whether it complies with policies. That’s because Varis connects you to pre-negotiated contracts with trusted suppliers right from Business Central.

How Varis saves you time and money

No more searching multiple sites, thumbing through catalogs, and driving to physical stores to purchase everything from office supplies to breakroom supplies, to maintenance and repair parts, and much more. With just one search and one shopping cart, you can find what you need and take advantage of competitive discounts.  So you save time while you’re saving money. Varis integrates with Business Central to allow you to take advantage of existing workflows and seamlessly manage the entire process digitally without leaving Business Central. With proven technology and led by experienced B2B sourcing thought leaders, Varis is transforming procurement by simplifying how you connect, contract, and transact with suppliers.

Step 1

Launch the Varis one-stop shopping experience directly from Business Central.

Step 2

From a single search, shop for competitively priced products in a variety of categories and purchase them all in one shopping cart for easy checkout.

Step 3

Optionally, you can leverage Business Central workflow to approve the purchase prior to submission.

Step 4

Your order is fulfilled by trusted suppliers that meet Varis’ stringent requirements for customer services.

Step 5

Supplier confirmation, shipping notification, invoices and other documentation are delivered to Business Central to support your back-office processes.


Generate hard dollar savings by leveraging Varis’ pre-negotiated contracts with trusted, enterprise-class suppliers right from your Business Central interface.

Easy implementation

Realize a quick return on investment by easily implementing intuitive procurement technology with no licensing fees in a matter of weeks with limited IT involvement.

Save time

Save time with Varis’ engaging, all-in-one shopping experience that takes the guesswork (and legwork) out of getting the right products and prices.

Increase efficiency

Improve visibility and control by digitizing and automating manual paper-based processes, such as approvals and purchase orders, and linking them to your Business Central system, increasing procurement and finance efficiency.

Who is Varis?

Varis is led by industry veterans who have built some of the world’s most successful B2B procurement solutions. Leveraging proven technology and recognized by industry analysts and customers, we’re poised to simplify the buying experience for our customers. In addition to the time and money savings of Varis Connections, you can also eliminate manual, paper-based processes in procurement and finance with digitization and automation from Varis.