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Varis is reimagining public sector procurement

Varis is reimagining public sector procurement and collaboration through our consumer-like procurement technology that brings together your agency’s suppliers with suppliers that have competed and been awarded piggyback contracts by other public sector organizations.


Finding and buying what you need from compliant suppliers should be easy,
whether it’s through your own agency contracts or through other public sector
contracts (AKA “piggyback contracts”). Yet many public sector procurement
processes can involve paper, email, and/or outdated technology, making it
time-consuming, complicated, and costly.

By creating a consumer-like, one-stop marketplace for multiple purchasing
categories sold by trusted suppliers, Varis saves you money and ensures
compliance by increasing the amount of spending conducted through
competitively awarded and approved contracts. Buyers also spend less time
navigating complex procurement processes, including issuing costly and
time-consuming Request for Proposals (RFPs), which lowers administrative
costs, helps to improve regulatory compliance, and gives buyers more time to
focus on mission delivery.

Better Control and Visibility

In addition to lowering costs, Varis gives you better control and visibility into
spending to support overall transparency and accountability to taxpayers,
auditors, and other key stakeholders. Digitization and automation not only
increase efficiency in procurement and finance, but also let you see your entire
spend – across departments and locations, regardless of purchase size – with
the touch of a button.

With proven technology and led by experienced B2B sourcing thought leaders,
Varis allows you to meet your competition requirements and simplifies how you
connect, contract, and transact — helping to keep your organization efficient
and focused on your mission.



Improve procurement and finance efficiency, transparency and decision making by digitizing and automating manual paperbased processes.


Generate hard dollar savings from volume discount pricing offered through piggyback contracts in an engaging, all-in-one shopping experience.


Streamline your sourcing process and facilitate collaboration across public sector organizations by adopting piggyback contracts that have already undergone the Public Sector Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Improve compliance

Improve compliance through access to suppliers that meet the regulatory and policy requirements unique to public sector organizations and have undergone the formal RFP process.

Implement easily

Realize quick time-to-value by easily implementing highly affordable, intuitive procurement technology in a matter of weeks with limited IT involvement

Consumer-like purchasing experience within your curated marketplace


Users simply log into your marketplace and enter a search for what they need


They can shop a marketplace of top-quality suppliers aligned to your policies with a single cart


You can easily access and track approvals and POs in Varis

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